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Explore your explosive sensuality through the excitement and safety of Bondassage ®

Would you like to be taken on an adventure? Close your eyes and imagine what it might be like to allow me to guide you with my understanding and knowledgeable touch.


I am your personal guide who is devoted to the physical, especially given to the indulgence of the senses or appetites of your body through touch, and various selected equipment.


You will experience sensations to heighten your sense of the erotic boundary of which you dream.

You allow me to attend to you carefully, gradually and furtively. I am moved to adorn you in the finest leather collar and cuffs molding and giving shape to your fantasy and erotic pleasure. Through sensory deprivation, erotic massage, light bondage with blindfold and headphones over your ears you will leave the humdrum day to day challenges of the world and be carried slowly by the currents I create. This is particularly fun and playful for me. 


Gently transported you will relax on my massage table and experience the essence of absence of mind. You will enjoy sensual massage with my firm skilled touch that delivers a nurturing awakening of your body and spirit. I will enjoy delivering such divine gratification and make you happy. With the same ease and grace that I bring with sensual massage you will discover yourself exuding desire at the edge. 


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