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Because my greatest wish for our time together is to be special, sensual, fun, and exciting, please know that I understand it’s your time relax and let go. It’s your time to explore a deepening of who you are and transform the time we have together into an amazing aliveness that you can take home with you and remember with fondness.


Because this realm is sacred and you will be safe in it, our time together will bring us into a rhythm, a heart to heart connection, and an ultimate harmony.


Here are some things to know before you arrive:



  • I will answer emails promptly and be professional in our communications.

  • I will be on time and ready for our session.

  • I will be open and relaxed.

  • I will be energized and available to connect.

  • I have impeccable hygiene and professional cleanliness standards for all equipment and for

  • myself.

  • The location will be low-key, and our activities will exercise extreme and utmost discretion.

  • I will always honor your confidentiality.

  • I will treasure your willingness, surrender, obedience and compliance.

  • I will cultivate our relationship with care.


Because you now know that this time for us is something I cherish, you will reciprocate by doing the following:



  • Be respectful and have good hygiene

  • Be polite and clear in your communications with me

  • Complete all spaces in the contact form and be sure to inform me openly about your desires

  • Provide references from providers you have seen previously so they can verify your identity.

  • Please contact your references and let them know they can expect to hear from me.

  • Allow plenty of notice to schedule our session, at least 24 to 48 hours.

  • Please be on time, not early or late.

  • Bring your tribute in an unmarked envelope and place it in plain view immediately upon entering my chamber.

  • Arrive with an open heart and an open mind.


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